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Starting your new Personal Training Business

Teach Correct Form To Your Clients

Congrats you've passed your online and practical exams and you are now ready for the fitness industry.

This blog will provide 8 tips for starting an independent Personal Training business.

Hustle - No matter what industry you are starting in, becoming an entrepreneur requires energy and lots of effort. Creating ideas and executing them is paramount when running your business. PT clients will not generally find you. Set a plan for the next 3-6 months of what your going to do on a daily/weekly basis to move your business forward.

Insurance - You will need liability insurance. Whether your training clients in a gym, park or at your/their home you will need to get cover. Clients can and do get injured, this cover will protect you in the event of this. Search around and get several quotes, over a year its not expensive.

Research - Think about where you would like to train your clients. At a gym, home, clients home or in the park. In the early stages of building your business being affiliated with a gym is a very sensibly choice as you have a captive audience right in front of you. Try and build a relationship with a gym that will help you get started with attractive gym space options.

Equipment - if you decide to do home or park training, some equipment can be expensive and not always necessary so search out different providers and what types of workouts you might want to provide. At often the trainers are asked - "If you had one piece of equipment, what would it be"? Answer "A barbell" or "A dumbbell". Is the most common answer.

Brand - Create a simple brand for yourself that will help customers recognise you. Market your services across all social media platforms using your brand.

Payment methods - Depending on how you structure your services and what prices you charge might help you to think about how your clients pay you. We are now in a digital age and many clients will want to pay online. Consider, or maybe through your own website with a payment provider.

Online Presence - You could consider having a website - A website can instil trust and again promote your brand, A website is also a great tool for lead generation and capture.

Online coaching/Live streaming/FaceTime PT - With Covid-19 dominating our lives for so many months a mini explosion in online training has occurred. It seems that in some form its here to stay. FaceTime PT can be fairly easy to set up so think if you want to offer this as you may well be asked.

If you have any questions - The team @ Sweatroom will do its best to answer your questions. Email -

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