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Lauren's Classes! What to expect!

Welcome! I am Lauren, one of the class trainers and PTs here at Sweatroom. I have been a personal trainer for 8 years and teaching my group classes are definitely a highlight to my week! The buzz, the atmosphere, the clients.. so here is a quick run down on the classes I teach at Sweatroom and what you can expect;


My kettlebell class is a fantastic full body workout. We use kettlebells for movements to increase resistance and therefore work on building strength. Class by class you will feel more confident in grabbing a heavier weight and knowing that you can get through the exercises! You will begin the class with a quick set of kettlebell swings to warm up the entire body and from then, a complete mixture of upper, lower and core based moves. Don’t be surprised if this class raises your heart rate too with lots and lots of reps with each exercise.


Which stands for…. Legs, Bums and Tums! Every LBT class is different but with the same goal of targeting those lower body muscle groups along side strengthening your core. I will include a mixture of kettlebell weights, ankle weights, resistance bands and body-weighted exercises to achieve a good burn to your lower half!


This is the only class at Sweatroom that is based in the main personal training studio and therefore gives you the opportunity to use heavier weights & machines that we have - squat racks, cable machine, leg extension machine and so on..

My strength class allows you to work on specific exercises week to week and build on the weights that you are using, as well as improving your form. I will be there to assist and adjust your form where needed, to ensure you do not cause any injury.


I love this class! Big selection of exercises, equipment, loud music and yes… you will sweat! Circuits is definitely the most cardio based class that I teach and will definitely get your heart rate up and a big calorie burn achieved.

Again, every class is different and the exercises will vary. Sometimes slam balls, sometimes kettlebells and sometimes even a spin bike or two is added in.

Hopefully that breakdown of classes has given you an insight into the classes that I teach here at Sweatroom. All of my classes are suited to beginners up to the more advanced gym goers - even though I am there to push you to your max, you can take each class at your own pace and increase/decrease the weights to suit your ability. Classes can be booked via our website or by downloading our app on the App Store. I look forward to seeing you in class soon ☺️

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