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Sarah's Classes! Everyone is equal, everyone is welcome!

Hello!  I’m Sarah one of the class instructors and Level 3 personal trainer here at Sweatroom. I have been teaching classes and training clients for the past 16 years having swapped life as a corporate PA for a life in leggings and trainers 😂. I love it!!!  The buzz of a great class is something I’d bottle up if possible!!

Over the years I’ve taught numerous styles of class but here at Sweatroom my focus is Cardio Combat and Barre. Here’s a lowdown on both!


I asked some of mr regulars to sum up this class to them in one word!  I received back: stress busting, addictive, inspirational, invigorating, feel good, burning!

The workout combines upper body boxing moves like jabs, uppercuts and hooks with lower body knees and kicks. All set to motivating music. The total body workout is undeniable and core strength hugely increased with every punch thrown.

The class can be adapted to suit all fitness levels and I guarantee that you will leave feeling empowered, sweating and smiling!


From the boxing ring to the barre!  In total contrast to combat and yet working in pure harmony with it too is Barre. This low impact class combines the principles of ballet training and Pilates to create and deliver an amazing total body workout which targets core strength and increases flexibility whilst providing long lean muscles. It is an intense hour that can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness including beginners.

MYTH BUSTER alert ‼️ you do not need to be Darcey Bussell to join us!!!!😂.

I’d love to welcome you to one of my classes and look after you from start to finish.

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