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COVID-19 is a public health emergency.   Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19, and in particular businesses need to consider the risks to their workers / volunteers and customers.  As an employer or as an operator of a sports or leisure facility, we also have a legal responsibility to protect workers, volunteers, customers and users from the risk to their health and safety.   This means we need to think about the risks we/you face and do everything reasonably practical to minimise them, recognising that we cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID -19



Updated 1st Jan 2022

 Personal Training (PT)- reduced numbers in areas, changes detailed below.  2 Totally segregated areas on request.

Cycle classes in Studio 2  - reduced numbers in each class - details below





Objective: To ensure distancing is possible by limiting the number of customers able to access the facilities.

Clients and trainers will be expected and will have space to keep a safe distance from all within the area.

Only a max of 3 clients/customer will be allowed to access the main PT area at a time, total segregated areas are possible and will be provided for clients when requested.

All sessions are booked in advance with no exceptions.

No clients/customers will gain access if they feel unwell, present symptoms or have been told to self isolate.

Clients/customers will only have access at the scheduled time of booking.

The segregated areas have different access points and if you are using one of these you will be told what entrance to use.

Studio Ventilation

Doors that open outside in the PT areas will be left open when possible to let fresh air circulate in that area, our PT areas do have an outside door to open.

Air Conditioning will only be used in the main PT studio and studio 2, not in studio 1, this will prevent air traveling from the Main PT area to Studio 1.

Studio Procedures

You will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser on entry.

Your trainer will keep a safe distance at all times with the exception of an emergency.

Please arrive in sports kit, changing rooms are out of use.

Please bring your own water and towel.

Your sessions will be logged on our system to help the NHS with 'test and trace' if required

No showers.

Toilets can be used - direction from the trainer maybe given depending on the area you are in.

Distancing signage will be in place to observe.

Studio Cleaning

All touch points will be cleaned between sessions, this includes - but is not limited to - points of access to the studio, toilets and used equipment.

An end of shift/day clean will also be completed.

Trainer Prodedures

Trainers will keep a safe distance during your sessions with the exception of an emergency.

Trainers will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser in between clients/customers.

When possible trainers will be given a set area for a shift to reduce crossovers.

Trainers will sign your completed sessions for you.

Trainers/staff will self isolate if told to do so or if they feel unwell or present any symptoms of COVID -19.

Trainers will not cross any areas other than to use the toilet or in an emergency.

Trainers will log your sessions on our software (as usual) to help  the NHS with'test and trace' if required.

Payments for PT

Contactless payments by Apple pay, bank transfer or by our online store


2. Cycle & Gym Classes (SUBJECT TO GOV.UK PLAN)

Riders reduced to 6 to ensure 2 meters distance between.

Access by online booking only.

Access is via studio 2 only. 

Trainers will ask you to use hand sanitiser on entry.

Your booking may be shared with NHS 'test and trace' if required.

Ventilation of the studio with fresh air will happen before and after each class.

Signage will display safe distancing.

Trainers may direct you to self distance.

Bike touch points will be cleaned after every class.

Trainers will maintain a safe distance with the exception of an emergency.

Trainers will self isolate if told to do so of if they feel unwell or present symptoms of COVID -19

General Notes

The contents of this page will change in line with Government guidance. 

Any questions or concerns please email

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